Thursday 11 April 2013

Week 2 - Granny Square Challenge

Well, since last week I am pleased to say I have in fact made a further six sets of six Square's all different combinations of blending colours.  Double the figure I expected to make.

It is a great temptation on completion of a pile of six squares to rush off, find different colour combinations and make more sets.  So, I am trying to be very methodical with finishing off all my ends.  I allow myself to start a further set, but only leave the previous set waiting to be finished.  In other words, I am only ever six squares in arrears to be completed.

When sewing in the ends, I start from the middle and work out to the final cast off edge.  With my colour combination, I always have eight ends on each square to sew in.  Once I have sewn them in, I go back and snip off the waste. (saves keeping picking up scissors eight times).

Sounds a bit over the top I hear you say, but how daunting it would be to know once you had made your last square that before you could join them all up, you had hundreds of ends to neaten off.

I would also like to add, that before I entered the challenge, out of the goodness of my heart, I offered to sew in the ends of the instigator of this challenge, so I may be a little slower at producing my own squares, whilst Claire should be able to race away.

Well, here's to a good week and more photo's of progress next week. 


Claire Mackaness said...

Good work Mum they are looking lovely

Diane Kelsey said...

Well done, a job for me this week is to stitch in the ends of my squares before it becomes too large a task. Which yellow did you use last week and what is the name of the rusty colours yarn that you have used this week?

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, they look lovely love the colours, and I must say the picture of you on your blogger looks so cute. Eva x

Christine Phillips said...

Thanks Diane, I have used DK Special by Stylecraft 100% premium acrylic £1.99 100g ball supplied by If you go to the web site, click on one of the colours and you can see all in the range. I used Saffron (yellow) and Bronze for the rusty colour. They do free postage for orders over £25 so I got together with Claire